Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's a robot. Ash is a god damn robot!

I had a bunch of shit to say but domestic bliss has led me to write this: nothing.

Half a bottle of wine later: Is it wrong that on occasion I am seized with the maniacal desire to do something completely against my own self-interest? Is it wrong that despite my deep desire to have a happy union and spawn I also crave time alone? Why do I find compromise so easy to accomplish but so hard to actually accept?

Perhaps another bottle of wine will help. Perhaps.

Strangely enough, watching Kagemusha while thinking about all of this is not helping.

Oops. Almost forgot about Movie Clip Wednesday. Best Action Movie if Die Hard and Raiders are taken? Try this on and tell me it's not hilarious:
1) the Governator in prime form with a priceless one-liner every other sentence.
2) Rae Dawn Chong. Yeah, Rae Dawn Chong does it for me and she has a fucking rocket launcher at some point in this movie.
3) the saw blade to the head scene!
4) could it be any worse in terms of story, acting, and well, just about everything?
5) it's all ridiculous action! I mean, what else happens besides death and mayhem?
6) Rae Dawn Chong.

Peace out, bitches!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

He's not your friend, he's ours! If somebody's gonna kill him, it should be us!

In honor of me Mom's "Movie Clip Wednesday" I give you a teaser for one of the greatest anime ever made! That's right, it's the one, the only, the groundbreaking and utterly stunning AKIRA!

Peace out, bitches!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wait! You have a Herkimer Battle Jitney? That's the finest nonlethal military vehicle ever made!

Here is a quick list of things that have stunned me in the last month and change since I last posted:

The rich-ass owners of the Dodgers, Frank and Jamie McCourt, are getting divorced and during the process it has been revealed that between 2004 and 2009 they made $108 million dollars and paid zero state or federal taxes. Yes, that's right, they MADE $108,000,000 and paid $0 in taxes. How on earth did that happen, you ask. Answer: rich people don't actually pay taxes most of the time as they claim their money is all tied up making more money. Their tax burden shifts ever forward while the rest of us pick up the slack. I am never going to another Dodger game again. Fuck pro sports.

The ongoing battle with Directv has come to an end. No more NFL package for me. I can't be bothered to pay for a service that isn't provided in HD when I have an HD receiver and all the games are shot on HD cameras and processed in HD trucks. Why pay a premium for the standard? I'll just find a bar that shows Vikings games and watch the Raiders in HD on broadcast.

Tea Party? Tea Party? Fuck you! It's mostly a bunch of spoiled-ass boomers raging at the dying of the light. The most telling sign? "Listen To Me!" on a placard held aloft by an old white guy. These people have no idea what the hell they're talking about, no idea what socialism actually is, or for that matter, what capitalism is all about. The same douche bags that are on Medicaid are raging against government involvement in their lives. Huh? They don't mind socialized medicine for themselves or vets but heaven forbid anyone else get something helpful from the government. The racism, rock throwing, and spitting recently on view shows what this group is really about. Young, old, boomer or Gen X, if you're in with the Tea Party you're a fucking idiot.

What the hell is in the water in New York? Governor Patterson is accepting free tickets and defending his wife beating aide, Rep. Rangle is into who knows how many kickback schemes, and Rep. Massa is just batshit crazy. Way to go New York! If at first you don't succeed, fail fail again.

As for Massachusetts, well, if you can't win a Democratic seat in the land of the Kennedy's then maybe it's time to call it a wrap on your political career. Alternately, here's a big "fuck you!" to everyone in Massachusetts who let this happen.

The Supreme Court didn't like being called on their bullshit giveaway of the remaining shreds of political control that normal people have? Tough shit. You assholes just opened up political control of this country to global corporations who have no interest, save monetary, in anything here. That's right, they'll ride this thing into the ground and shoot it where it falls and call it a good day. How does anyone still think that this Court is anything other than a draconian extension of the neo-con wing of the Republican Party? They're smiling fascists claiming to be defending the Constitution.

Obama. WTF? The healthcare bill sucks but at least it's a start. Nice of you to sit on the sidelines until the last minute. Way to go. Everyone is now running around claiming that this allowed the Republicans to hang themselves with their own rope but political grandstanding aside, at what cost to the Republic? The public option was immediately cast aside and referred to as "political suicide" and too expensive and yet even places like Canada can make it happen. Once again, the Dem's inability to play like winners has cost all of us dearly. Nice.

Countless stupid things have happened at work but that stuff is so ridiculous that I can't be bothered to go into it except to say, "I was quit when I came in here. I'm twice as quit now."

Peace out, bitches!