Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No sir. Not embarrassing, because no one's ever going to find out they're down here. 'Cause you're gonna spot 'em and you're gonna air 'em out!

I have driven for eight hours through traffic accidents, wind advisories, rain, and crank addled truckers. I'm two clicks past the Do Long bridge and there are most certainly "gooks on the wire" as the young man from the Bronx once uttered. Geese everywhere you look. Water water everywhere and oh yes, I'd love a drop or three to drink. Ducks. Flights of ducks and then someone says "plate" or "plate of dead ducks" and the whole sorry hallucination starts all over again.

There are more ducks here then I know what to do with and I am going to try to kill as many of them as I can. I must get on tonight. I must get a winning lottery number tonight. I must be allowed to fulfill my destiny! (Extra hot sausage if you know where that comes from.) It is raining something ugly and I was advised not to go to the white trash bar in town. I don't know that there is a correlation between these facts but I thought it safest to mention them both in the same breath. Just in case.

Willows, CA: a one horse town if ever I've seen one. And I have. Par for the course I'll dine on Mexican food as they are generally the only people who can cook when you're in the middle of nowhere California. Sacramento seems far away and exotic. San Francisco doesn't actually exist here. It's like saying you ride a unicorn. It occurs to me my name might not be very popular here. It also occurs to me I'm armed to the teeth. Hear on the radio: "Why do people think freedom of religion means we have to accept these other religions? We can't! We're Catholic!" Note to self: never get out of the boat. Absolutely goddamn right.

It's time. It's time to go out and win that fucking lottery and get a goddamned good blind.

Peace out, bitches!


savannah said...

title from blade runner

quote from patton

now, i'd like my hot sausage overnighted asap, so the MITM can have some before he leaves. :~)

captain chaos said...

Dammit! Did you look up the Patton quote? Just curious. I'll send you the damn sausage when I get home Friday.

savannah said...

nope, that would have been cheating! patton and hunt for red october are on my chick flix list, dude!

wv: reekerou

Mr. Moose said...

Possible openings to this story:

He rode two horses into a one horse town. A brown man with a black gun in a white trash town.

He came from somewhere looking for nowhere and in Willows, he found it.

At the end of the road, he heard the ducks calling. As he was a man of few words, he let the gun in his hand answer for him.

(When the coffee finishes brewing, I'll send in some more...)