Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I am the most renowned killer of fish in the whole United States Army Air Force.

The guns, Thumper and F.N.G., are cleaned and ready and cased up. They're both very anxious, none more so than F.N.G. as this'll be its first pheasant hunt. It's really a duck hunter but it has dabbled in quail and dove. It'll be fine, especially since it will be playing more of a back up role. Tavarus Jackson to Brett Favre by the by. The blind bag will be making the trip as well because it has become the repository of all things good and noble when hunting: snacks, ammo, maps, compass, first aid kit, calls, chokes, etc. I never used to carry a bag of AKS when upland hunting but ever since I started duck hunting I've realized how helpful it really is to have a bag. Yeah, sure, it stays in the car but it's nice not to have all of that stuff rolling around the car. I'm donating my jacket to Doc so I'll have to procure a new one at some point but so it goes. The entire team is all in for the first time in a million years and Ghost is coming so it should be fun. It should be productive. It should be utter mayhem.

Peace out, bitches!


savannah said...

have you given mr. moose some fashion advice as well? layers, layers, layers and dry socks. :D

captain chaos said...

The man is a black whole of communication: messages go in but there's no response. I stand ready to mock his frostbite and subsequent heat exhaustion.

Mr. Moose said...

Too late. I'm already layered up. So put that in your black hole and smoke it. (?)

savannah said...

too funny!

word verification: cutsock

i had to leave a comment!

captain chaos said...

Moose- touche. Try not to shoot me this year.

Ma- "cutsock"? What could that mean?