Monday, October 11, 2010

Tense situations, kid. You get into five or six of 'em a day, it don't mean shit anymore. I mean, I've seen men stabbed, didn't mean shit to me. I've seen guns, guns too, they don't mean shit. But that's when you gotta watch yourself.

Thoughts after spending a lot of time working and reading the paper:
1. The GOP needs to be tried for treason, found guilty, and made to live in rural Arkansas sans money or a working phone.

2. The "Mama Grizzlies" of the GOP are fetid swamps of self-loathing wretches and should all be forced to live on an island together sans a working phone, cameras, or any other way to get anyone else's attention. I give them a week before they're eating each other alive.

3. The average rock fan today is dumber than the music they listen to.

4. If Paladino wins in New York I don't think LA should still have an inferiority complex about NYC. The guy is an imbecile and a bigot and probably mobbed up.

5. Meg Whitman stapled someone else's hair on to her own head to hide the Darth Vader creases and cables.

6. The Dems should fire their PR people as they've failed to hit on anything good that has happened. The GAO was the only entity to honestly acknowledge anything the Dems have done. Weird and depressing.

7. The death and "ignominy of defeat" of the Tea Party is coming up quick. No one really likes a lunatic when it comes down to getting the potholes fixed and the trains to run on time.

8. Jerry Brown? Again? There isn't anyone else? So depressing.

9. Mayor Villarigosa is an embarrassment and has led the City of Angels down a sinkhole for far too long. Why is it that no one has thrown a pie in his face yet?

10. The more people I meet in the film business the more I want to go do something else. Like, sell shoes in Fresno or flip burgers in Tupelo.

Peace out, bitches!


savannah said...

you really are getting old! *snickering*


#7 from your mouth to god's ear. your father agrees

#8 3 words - balanced budget, surplus

#9 i told you that bitch was crazy


MITM said...

I think the "men behind the curtain" people in the GOP are sharpening their political knives and will proceed to surgical remove Sarah Palin from political existence right after Midterm elections. And then it will be: Sarah? Oh you won't see her no more.

She is being pimped by the best - so good that the ho thinks she doing this all on her own and for her own glory.

captain chaos said...

@MITM: ha ha! Well put. Read the latest Nation article on women in the GOP. The few GOP types to allow an interview are basically saying the same thing. Ah white women, so naive.

captain chaos said...

@Ma: I'm not against Jerry Brown per se, it just seems someone younger but still experienced and with out the baggage might have been a good idea.