Monday, June 9, 2008

My god is stronger. He is the everlasting sky! Your god lives underneath him.

Oh woe is me! I'm too old, at 36, to hang out all night with the knuckleheads and not wake up hungover. I'm more or less fine but a step or two behind the rest of the world. Insult to injury: I'm stuck at my local Starbucks doing traffic school on-line because my modem fried itself and so I have no Intraweb access at home. Jeez, the music they play in here is torture! Jack Johnson, people, Jack Johnson! What crap. Anyway, I had a nice chat with my mother after I got a little drunk and she seems certain that I'm not a total prick. Here's to Mom being right.

Damn, I really do hate Starbucks.

I originally posted at 12:30 or so. It's now quarter to two with no end in sight. I've already seen the shifts change and there's one other guy on a laptop who's been here as long as me. I think he's looking at porn. I've read the entire paper, including the business section. Help. Me.

Time check: 4pm. I live here now. At least John Lee Hooker is playing on the sound system.

Peace out, bitches!

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