Monday, June 2, 2008

You're in a desert, walking along in the sand when all of a sudden you look down...

So I haven't posted in ages because I've been both busy with helping to ruin the future generation of American leaders and losers AND I've been busy not giving myself enough time to sit still and get all depressed again. First things first, though, and let me tell ya about goofy Hollywood shit.

Last time I took time to post I think I was babbling about the Disney music video but following that job came some more fun stuff. I did a commercial for an Italian lozenge and it was very weird and somewhat racist, thus cementing in my mind that you can never really recover from being a fascist state (stay tuned USA). The premise: couple bumps into a guy coming out of a Chinese restaurant and they know him. The guy only speaks to them in "Chinese" until they hand him the lozenge and suddenly he speaks English. Doesn't sound too bad, right? Uh, yeah. The characters were all Jewish stereotypes and the whole Chinese restaurant was absurdly caricatured. Fucking ad guys, always resorting to cheap tricks and stereotypes. I was actually waiting for someone to say, "Can you make it more. . . I dunno, hebbe-ish?" The other great part about all of this was that it happened at night in fake rain and real cold. Good times. I was thankfully wrong, and it didn't go too bad with the gear but my boots suddenly leaked and my supposedly water-proof rain coat turned out to be incapable of withstanding the monsoon conditions the effects guys insisted on creating. Oh, best part, I went to the restroom and when I came back I left my fly open and got soaked. Ha! There's a first time for everything including accidental cock soaking in a midnight monsoon at the CBS back lot for a pack of racist Italian ad guys. 

The second day was even better as we were up at the crack of dawn and on the road to nowhere good aka Sylmar. We shot this seriously stoned hippy in front of a house and when he eats a lozenge fruit falls from the sky and it snows and his dog turns into a fake penguin controlled by fishing line. Oh, just to keep up with the semi-racist theme, his gardener was Mexican and totally superfluous to the commercial. Why was he in the frame? He didn't get to do anything. Was he there for verisimilitude, as if all gardeners are Mexican? What the fuck Italian ad guys? Make me a pizza, bitches! Odd day, that's for sure but the work went pretty painlessly and the DP (another rock and roll Swede) was really cool and seemed to like me and the rest of the crew. Yee-haw! More Swedes! I hooked him with my vast knowledge of Stockholm and it's drinking environs. He invited me to do a movie later this summer. Should I stay or should I go?

In personal news, I've been surfing non-stop for three days and even got to surf with Melah for two of those days and Moosetafari came out for one and tried a long board. Ha! Hilarious times. Mooseskaphales, you rock for trying to surf! Try posting more often! Why am I shouting?!

My shrink just told me I need to find something to get into for when I'm not working. Well, something beyond going to the gym and surfing and yoga and soon skateboarding (yeah, my leg is almost in skateboarding condition!). I think I need to take some time and really push myself to do a show-length photo project. I'm going to shoot some signs and storefronts along Central tomorrow post-surf and see what happens. Truth be told, I always feel like any photo I shoot is bullshit and has probably been shot already by someone a thousand times better than me. It suddenly starts to seem pointless to even pick up a camera but I know I need to power through and just shoot. It makes me happy and even if all the photos suck I end up liking one or two even though I'm fucking loathe to admit that to anyone. Except you, you special guy/girl, you!

Time to walk dawg and do some yoga and maybe, just maybe, meditate for the first time in ages. I love you all.

Peace out, bitches!


savannah said...

he say you blade runner, mr. deckard

take pictures and send me some la scenes...please

captain chaos said...

I'm going to stop blogging and just call you since you're the only one who ever reads this dreck. Love you Mom!

savannah said...

don't stop blogging! your dad reads this too - way out in deepest darkest hottest africa...
(but you can call anyway)