Friday, June 6, 2008

Surely, you people must be aware... that the brothers are here because they cannot afford an ed-u-cation.

If perchance any of you in the blogospheroid ever have the displeasure of meeting a member of the WGA please let it know that it and its kind are on track to cost the Great State of California $2.5 billion. Yeah, two and a half billion fucking dollars so these mostly untalented hacks could whine and pretend they're somehow holier than the rest of the working stiffs in La La Land. Good God. They scorched the earth and fucked everyone and for what? What did they get? Bigger crumbs than the other mice on the wheel? In case anyone is wondering, even though the strike has been over for a bit the fallout is still coming down nice and heavy. Not too many jobs but tons of talented survivors willing to work and, in most cases, forced to work for less. Good job writers, way to fuck everyone over for a couple more shekels a word. Truth is that most of the people in the WGA either never work because they're terrible at their jobs or work as writer-directors and make millions. What do you think happens in a Guild where most of the people make peanuts while a couple of old bastards make tons? The poor get jealous and irrational and the next thing you know the whole industry takes it on the nose. The studios think this is all very funny and awesome and economically great for them. Ha! Dumb writers, they just helped the bean counters and suits gut their budgets on the backs of the working class. Maybe someone should write about that.

The point of all of this is that I now find myself presented with the enviable choice between unemployment and a five week low-budget movie. Half my day rate and twenty days of dull conversation coverage. Yeah, a movie about a shrink who services Hollywood-types shot all over LA. Sounds like a blast... Gawd, I hope the Europeans keep coming over here and spending money in the brand new Third World. Thanks to Bush and the writers we're now less expensive than going to South America or South Africa or Canada. Good times for all of us with depressed wages and rising costs of living. Help me, Obama! Help me!

Peace out, bitches!


Anonymous said...

I read it. . .it me supernana

captain chaos said...

Your pool was fun. Now make me some dinner!

savannah said...

i think we need to get pdc to start a production company! write the proposal & business plan, monkeyboy! xoxo