Monday, June 16, 2008

The next guy who says "Badda-boom badda-bing" to me is getting kicked right in the fucking nuts.

Oh my god, making movies is fucking bullshit! I spent all day cooped up in a goddamn Venice "mansion" apartment baking in the heat and lights and attitude. You'd think it could be good times and whatnot, I mean, it's only the second day so no one hates each other just yet. Production is freaking out because we're running three, count 'em, three cameras with a thousand feet of film going through each one every take. That is a lot of film, my friends. That's the kind of film consumption that led Major Bitterness to comment, "What, are we making Indian Jones 5 and 6?" Ha! Anyway, production freaked out and started hiding film so my loader had to deal with the bitchy production manager, loading, and she had to keep doing staircase laps to get between the darkroom and the set. She was beat down by lunch, poor kid. Following that things got even worse and I was forced to let the other AC know that despite being on A cam I was still the head of the department. It didn't go very well. (Emily Abbott says this is fucking bullshit and she's a fucking minor!) End of the story is that I'm in charge and fuck everyone else! 

Anyway, short post tonight. I'm tired and want to get up early and do yoga cuz I'm old. What?


savannah said...

did you have to raise up on only day 2???? that ain't right! ;-)
(there is an upside to ain't sweden)

captain chaos said...

True, it ain't Sweden but that almost makes it worse. People should know better.