Thursday, October 9, 2008

Alas, poor country, almost afraid to know itself. It cannot be called our mother, but our grave...

And so it starts, the blame begins to shift from the majority white perpetrators to the minorities who are the victims of the whole thing. Nice. What is it about white people that they feel a need, almost a genetic imperative, to shift the blame to minorities? Apparently, the economic problems we are all facing as a country are the fault of blacks and Latinos who were given loans that they shouldn't have been given. They got the loans, the argument goes, because of a THIRTY year old law that was created to abolish racist lending practices. Oh, the only banks it applied to were FDIC insured. Also, it's interesting that this law took thirty years to fuck us all. I guess the next thing they'll do is to blame the Jews since this whole thing involves money. Just watch. It's always the fault of someone other than the fucking assholes in charge: rich, white, boy's club bastards from both political parties. If we don't stop this now the base elements of America, the ugly underside of this shit hole, are going to start some craziness and catch most people by surprise. I know, I sound paranoid and ridiculous but sit back for a minute and think about the usual suspects when shit goes wrong for white people and try to remember how those people get treated. Civil War, New York, mobs kill black people for "causing" the Civil War. Depression, who got fucked for "taking jobs"? Right now, how easy is it to make racist comments in polite society when one is talking about "immigrants"? Yeah, I'm fucking paranoid.

Peace out, bitches!


Momentary Madness said...

And good reason to be my lad.

You know I never get it either.
Immigrants obviously force middle-class-business to give them underpaid jobs, and manage to force the law to turn a blind eye. It amazes me how they don’t manage to get their employer to take care of them when they fall down on the job literally; get run over by a JCB, fall off a roof, next to deaths door. I’ve read the employers fly the immigrants in various states of medical dire need to their home (some shack) (as near as possible) in the middle of nowhere to die. (very good of the employers to bring them home to die with their family)
Off with their heads.

captain chaos said...

Yeah, my favorite is when people say immigrants are taking good jobs away. What? Picking fruits and vegetables and manual labor are good jobs? I don't see a lot of people knocking down the door to dig ditches around here. Bastards.