Monday, September 29, 2008

And take back one Kadan, to honor the Hebrew God whose ark this is.

So, not that you'd have noticed, but I moved and was without Intrawebs service for a bit but now I'm back. Hijinks and shenanigans for the past week or so with lots of work (yay! money!) and quite a bit of time with Melah and Bog and a few long nights at Tortuga. Good times. Here follow some rather silly photos by way of explanation.

   So we went to Knott's Berry Farm for Bog's birthday and had a good time. I love roller coasters. I even got Bog to go on a super scary and fun ride called the Perilous Plunge: you drop over a 45 degree ledge into water and get soaked. I thought she'd shit bricks but she wanted to go on it a million times. High-larry-us. She punked out on just about every other ride but had a blast. The stop sign is by my new digs in semi-posh Silver Lake. God bless Sibel for letting me stay rent free for a bit.

Got the week off to do some unpacking and whatnot and then a whole week of work afterwards. Good times out in La La Land with the whole melting of the economy and all. Caveat emptor, Republicans.

Peace out, bitches!


savannah said...

i think we should buy a compound outside of santa barbara and just hunker down! or maybe just migrate to dubai. . .if nothing else, we do have movable skills! xox

captain chaos said...

Never retreat, never surrender! Also, "I'll hold 'em til hell freezes over or you say different!"