Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cat named Shaft ain't gonna be bad with a stick.

So the first day of the black presidency and what the fuck happens to me? I get up early, cuddle with my lady and walk my dog. Everything is fine at this point. On the way to work I tear up as I listen to a 74 year old woman describe how she can now tell her grandchildren to do better because she has Obama as an example of what black Americans can achieve. I think the stress of last night finally caught up with me but it was also just really amazing. I get to work, happy as hell, wearing a t-shirt with a picture of McCain with the word "Nope" underneath the image. Good times. Everything was going great until I ate my healthy breakfast and three hours later felt like death. Yeah, food poisoning! At work! So fucking great to be at work. So happy that a black man finally became president of this bitch. So unhappy to pissing water all day while trying to work on what should have been a very easy commercial for Crown Royal. Ugh. I finally got my hand on some Immodium AD and began to feel a bit better near the end of the day. I'm going to crash now and hopefully tomorrow will bring some relief. Right now my stomach feels like I've spent the day doing crunches while being kicked in the dick. 

Peace out, bitches!


Salah said...

Literally, get your shit togehter dude! Getting close to killing fields time, and just like "there's no crying in baseball", there's no taking a crap every half hour in upland hunting.

BTW - I now own a house on a plantation. No shit - the name of the hood is Coffee Bluff Plantation.

Much love

P.S. - check out the notes I left you on Yahoo Messenger and call this guy to see what he wants to hunt his land as daily walk ons, no lodging, self-guided, with a punk dog, etc:

Dick Smith - Vivian SD
888 225 4326


captain chaos said...

I hear and obey. Walk-ons are apparently very common in SD so he'll probably be cool with the whole deal. I'm sure Ghost will be comedy relief for the real hunting dogs. Gawd he's awful.