Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I realize how difficult it's going to be in this god-forsaken place where you can't find what you need, but there's the challenge.

My last post was on Monday last week and I haven't the faintest idea what's been happening since. Seriously, I know I worked my ass off for awhile but the specifics of it all are now lost to me. I guess most of it was boring to me and probably to everyone else involved. I'll have to ask next time I see anyone I just worked with. By way of explanation for this lapse in memory, all I can offer is that I've just come out of the forest. Literally. Yes, for the last few days I've been camping out in the Cleveland National Forest north east of San Diego. Camping and hiking and trying to kill a wild turkey, to no avail. I've seen things out there that made me very happy but I've also suffered some what at the hands of Mother Nature. A couple of gashes, severe dehydration, one night spent freezing because my tent is only a three season tent and apparently "spring" in SoCal isn't one of them, and I almost fell to my death after a misstep on a slippery rock overlooking a waterfall. It's funny how fast a ten yard slip while wearing full pack and carrying a shotgun is when compared to the time it takes to climb back up said ten yards when you're completely scared out of your mind and desperately trying not to slip again. I'm filthy, tired, and slightly depressed that so far this spring turkey season it's turkeys 3 and Captain 0. Good times!

On the plus side I had a hen so close to me I could have reached out and petted her if I'd been so inclined. I also caught a horned lizard as he tried to walk over my leg. I saw more humming birds up close and personal than I've ever seen in my life. I listened to songbirds greet the morning from the branches above my head. I've seen more mountain (the big guys) and valley (the slightly smaller but still sizeable guys) quail than I've seen in a long time. I hiked into areas that almost no one ever goes into and covered a shitload of miles and vertical feet. I even had a small herd of deer walk within ten yards and not even notice me. Yeah, I think my camo system is pretty fucking good and I also think I've become patient enough to just sit and let it all wash over me. Granted, one of these days I'm going to blast a turkey or a wild pig or a deer while communing with nature but hey, that's why I'm so quiet.

All in all I learned something: I am more of a woodsman than I thought and a lot tougher than most people know. I am also insanely fucking lucky I didn't fall off, through, or over any of the various dangerous things that came my way. 

I can't wait to do it again this weekend at Ft. Hunter-Liggett.

Here are some photos:

Peace out, bitches!


savannah said...

good times, son, good times!

savannah said...

thanks for the sms. did you hit publish by accident earlier?
by the by, i just found out that on one of the intra-coastal islands out here, bow hunters are allowed to camp out for 3 days and bow hunt deer...

captain chaos said...

Season dates, pot favor. Also, rates. Pull some strings, nahmean?

Salah said...


That's what I think. Be careful out there man!


supernana said...

wow. alright whateves Hemingway. I have a funny picture to send you!

captain chaos said...

Pops- No one else wants to go so what's a guy to do?
supernana- nice pic but your grip was all kinds of wrong. Hemingway? Why thank you although my head is still safely attached to my body.

savannah said...

martinati is heah!