Monday, April 20, 2009

I'd rather be a cockroach on a baseboard up here than the Emperor of Mississippi.

I surfed two sessions today and that completely makes up for just about everything else in my life that ain't up to par. Perfect Cali long boarding day: sunny and hot, waist high peelers up and down the coast, and the water was crystal clear and 60°. The morning session waves weren't as good as the afternoon glass off but dammit if it weren't fun! I basically surfed the south side of the breakwater at El Porto by myself for two hours and enjoyed every single moment of the experience. If you aren't familiar with the breakwater at El Porto it's the spot with the crazy looking red and white smokestacks on the shoreline. Looks sketchy but it's consistently rated an A+ for water cleanliness. Nice, eh? Post-surf I walked the dog up and down the coast for a bit and then made the long, shirt-sticking-to-your-back drive to the deep valley to prep a camera. Good times. Production had called me on Sunday to let me know when to be at the camera house. Interesting, I've never had that happen before and it sort of foreshadowed the ineptitude of the production staff. They actually asked me what a remote camera control was, as if they'd never heard of one before. Not good, not good at all. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Anywhat, after waiting for a camera for two hours Kate v2.0 and I finally got through the camera package, despite the slowest prep tech in Hollywood gumming up the works. Dammit, that guy was slow.

Ghost and I drove off into the sunset and stopped just prior to hitting the water and surfed again. Well, I surfed and homeboy chilled out in the shade in the car. The waves were better and it was more crowded but I kind of rip these days so I basically out surfed everyone around me. Good times. Granted, the waves were only waist/chest high but at low tide they're kind of zippy at Porto and most of the people around me either had the wrong board or didn't know what they were doing. When it's like that, summer crowded, it's very satisfying to surf around and through a crowd of buffoons trying to get back onto their boards. Turn a 9' board on a dime so you don't hit someone? The look of terror in the eyes of the guy in front of you is hilarious. I am such a dick.

Anyway, off to make turkey tacos for dinner! Tomorrow it's off to surf for awhile and then I have an 11:30am call for a Target commercial. Yep, Target because when the economy is tanking and you just have to have that crappy plastic thing Target is there for you! Cheap stuff for sale! Stop at McDonald's on the way out! Drive a big SUV back to your soon to be repossessed house! America #1!

At least the check won't bounce.

Ha! Here's a really silly photo of me and Crille at work from Saturday. I think we look ridiculous.

Peace out, bitches!


savannah said...

i am so sending you one of those NOLA shirts ASAP. ;)

(by the by, please send me a pic of GFK)

supernana said...

hey I want one!

captain chaos said...

One what? Who gets something? What's going on?