Thursday, April 16, 2009

Then the entertainment industry really *is* out to get Spike Lee? Come on man! Even Cher's won an Oscar! Cher!

Anyone else notice that as soon as the economy went bad Goldman Sachs was bailed out by its ex-Prez? Anyone else notice that the economy was "sailing smoothly" until right before it was time for Bush et. al. to get the boot? Anyone, anyone? I like that it's all Obama's fault and there are now a bunch of dumpy racists and assorted imbeciles out "teabagging"? Do they know what that means? Another question, not that I have any answers, do they understand that none of them are going to be affected by Obama's "tax hike" as they're all poor working class jackasses just like me? They're doing the work of the British Empire not the patriots, if we're going to keep going with the tortured analogy of this whole thing. Whatever, I love that Glenn Beck and the rest of the Klan members at Fox News have staged their own little pity party. What a bunch of dicks. Oh, and fuck Obama's dog, who really cares if the dog is a rescue or a fucking gift from the last in a long line of rum runners. (Nah, just kidding. The Kennedys, great bunch of uptight white pricks. Love 'em!) Seriously, how many of the assholes on the right and nut job left who are complaining about the fucking dog have a rescue dog or have given money to the SPCA? I'm willing to bet none of them, none of 'em!

OK, I made really good meatballs and marinara tonight and now I'm going to enjoy a bottle of Toad Hollow Chardonnay with Melah. Y'all can show yerselves out.

Peace out, bitches!


savannah said...

it's easier to talk about the dog than real issues. did you notice that the day after taxes were due, the president and vp BOTH made their returns public? we could NOT remember that happening so quickly and surely, not under duress.

(your supper ounded lovely.)

captain chaos said...

It was. That dog is really quite ridiculous looking. As for the taxes, it's all part of the dog and pony show in my opinion.