Friday, February 27, 2009

All right, driver, once around the park, slowly, and keep your eyes on the road.

So today was a day of brilliant efficiency on my part. Yeah, that's the kind of thing that makes me happy, what? Anyway, I awoke early because I had a plan: yoga, surf with Beck (no, not that one, he probably can't even swim), drop board and wetsuit at Melah's, get gas, drive to my place and pick up dirty  clothes and dirty suit and shoes and tie and belt and what what, drop suit at cleaners (twenty bucks to get it in one day! Damn!), get oil change (this was the nice part as I got to sit around and read the paper while eating five, yes five, delicious shrimp tacos), do laundry at laundromat while reading LA Times, pick up suit (twenty bucks!), sit in traffic, pick up smelly seven year old, back to Melah's and an hour of target practice, and now here it is: blog time while Melah tells me about her union meeting. Nice day, eh? If she ever stops talking I'm going to take her to a really nice little Italian joint in Culver City. Don't hold your breath.

Tomorrow is even better: surf County Line, attend funeral in Ventura County, drive back to Eagle Rock for a baby shower, then dinner with Lisa Mir and Drew in Manhattan Beach. That is a shitload of driving but seems like it has the potential for adventure. We shall see.

Peace out, bitches!


savannah said...

a funeral? who died? please say hello to lil lisa & drew! jaysus, been forever since i've seen either of them. and thanks for no drunk dial call yesterday! ;)

captain chaos said...

Well, it was Melah's racist grandfather so no big loss really. As for Lisa and Drew: Drew is the name of her newish boyfriend. We had a blast. I smoked two cigarettes, not smart. I did manage to get a little drunk.

savannah said...

so i heard re her grandfather. oh i see re that drew. not the other drew. i did wonder why you were seeing the two of them at the same time...2 cigarettes? but the question is, did you then go and buy a pack?