Monday, June 15, 2009

Do you want me to deprioritize my current reports until you advise me of a status upgrade?

Once again I've been off of work for too long: one whole week. It is Monday and I have no job prospects on the horizon but I do have a bunch of bills coming due in a few weeks. Awesome. I hate when things slow down as the bills never slow down. Maybe they even speed up, I can't really tell. It's depressing, really. You'd think I'd be able to appreciate the time off but no, I can't, not really anyway. Right now all I can think of is how the fuck am I going to pay all of the various bills that need paying if I don't get at least a couple of more days this month? Maybe I should just quit this stupid business and get an office gig with a steady paycheck and scheduled breaks and vacation time and TPS reports and a nice cubicle where I can put up a little poster of a cat hanging from a tree limb. I'd be really good at water cooler chit chat. Ugghhh. Too bad those jobs are going the way of the dodo amidst this wonderful economic downturn that just happened to coincide with the end of the Bush Crime Family's tenure at the top.

Yoga, walk the dog, shoot some arrows, study Spanish, try not to freak out, and then Trader Joe's. What a day.

Peace out, bitches!


savannah said...

how do you FIND these things? hey, i posted fishbone to make me smile! :~D

supernana said...

patience. anchors down buddy.

captain chaos said...

I know, I know. Patience. It's hard sometimes and I do like to vent on the blog as opposed to someone's head.

savannah said...

the blog is the perfect place - no one gets hurt and the police never have to be called. :~D

Mr. Moose said...

Why do I love Fight Club and hate Fight Club at the same time?

Maybe I shouldn't talk about Fight Club.