Sunday, August 24, 2008

A house full of condiments and no food... how embarrassing.

Ah, another lovely Sunday night blogging and dicking around and not drinking at Tortuga even though it's Rock and Fucking Roll Bingo. It's good, I'm happy I've been hanging out with Melah and my friends and not feeling hungover or slow. Good times. I went for a super fun surf with Aaron the other day and even though the waves were small and gutless we had a blast. I love surfing and skateboarding and just being outside and running around like a dope. Everywhere I look there are all of these guys aging away so ungracefully and most of them are younger than me. Or way older and just now starting families as they're finally done with rehab and fucking around. I guess I'll be that guy if I don't have a family soon. Except for the rehab part and the fucking around part. I just meant I'm going to be the old guy when/if I have kids. Whatever.

So who's going to be the new HNIC? It better be Obama even though I think I'll end up hating him as much as I hated Clinton. NAFTA anyone? Or how about GATT? Welfare reform? I swear, I still don't know why Ishmael Reed and the rest of the smart brothers called him "the first black president." Why? Because he cheated on his wife? Played sax? Fucked over a ton of poor people? Interesting definitions of blackness, guys.

If McCain wins I'm going to go out and slap the first white man I see in the face just so he knows what it's like to be stereotyped AND so that he'll stop thinking we're beyond race. That's the only way McCain wins: white people, en mass, decide that they have to be honest about racism and admit they're collectively not ready to elect a NIGGER to "run" the country. McCain is so obviously unqualified and insane and knocking on death's door and the Republican party has so clearly gone of the neocon deep end that ONLY a total racist would vote for him.

Anyway, I suggest you go to Ropeadope and order a McCain "Nope" shirt. McCain as the Obama illustration that Shepard Fairey did (Giant guy) but with the word "Nope" instead of "Hope." Very funny. Show stopper in a way.

Peace out, bitches!


savannah said...

learn how to do a hyperlink, babe ;-) and then tell me how you REALLY feel! see you soon!

Barney said...

You can punch me in the face if that happens (right after I slug myself in the kisser).