Monday, August 25, 2008

I can breathe and I can move, but I'm not alive because I took that poison, and nothing can save me.

I spent the day in idle pursuits: yoga, six mile walk, weights, surfing, building a planter in the girl's backyard (no, that is not a fucking euphemism for anything sexy). It was nice. The water was warm and clear, my friends were there, we went skin diving and I almost grabbed a fish and I saw a three foot leopard shark or something. Good times.

The joy kind of got let out of my day when, in the midst of my newspaper reading, the girl demanded we look up the Dems convention as Michelle Obama had said something to the effect that yes, she loved her country. Sensing this was one of those moments where you indulge the other person even though you have absolutely no interest in the subject I fired up C'Thulu's Lil'Helper and bam! had us covered. 

Let me say this: I am no fan of any politician from anywhere or anytime including the future. A politician's real and true job is getting elected. Everything in between election cycles is kind of bullshit to a politician, at least in its heart of hearts or reptilian brain. Yeah, sure, some of them occasionally do something that benefits a lot of people but let's be honest: you have to force a motherfucker to really do something good. It is not in their nature as they really are after only one thing and that's re-election. I don't know exactly how it works everywhere else but 'round here the way to get elected is to play ball with the douche bags who really run  this bitch. Yep, play ball with the almighty suits of corporate America and their buddies in the military and you to can sit in on boring meetings about procedural language that is to be included in the next sub-meeting of the Sub-Committee on Agricultural Appropriations, Fiscal Year 2008. When you're not completely over your head and out your ass dealing with issues you know nothing about feel free to take some kickbacks and make policy by listening to your corporate bosses. Who knows, when you finally get caught fucking up maybe you can get on the boards of several multi-nationals and make some real money. What the fuck?

Why are the people in charge around here complete bastards? Obama won't be any different, not really anyway. Have you seen his "advisers"? Austan Goolsbee is his chief economic guy and he thinks free trade and NAFTA are raging successes. Not quite what the candidate has said but ok... Jeffrey Liebman worked with the Clintons on Social Security reform which opened the door for the crackpots on the right to try to privatize Social Security. Smart. I could go on but why bother? Yes, some of what he says he wants to do makes sense and will move the country forward, out of the partisan divide and maybe out of our class divide. I don't think it will all work out that way but it's fun to think it will but ultimately I just don't have faith in either my countrymen  or our elected leaders. We're all overfed, over-stimulated, and under-educated and the money guys are happy with that and are keeping us on the treadmill and away from the open door and freedom. I can't tell you what the Matrix is, I can only show you. Yep, eyes wide open and pulling cables out of my skull.

God bless America! This country brought to you by an endowment from Monsanto.

Peace out, bitches!

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